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We at OPSIS are basically not interested in providing degrees to the students like organizations. We constantly encourage the students to continue with their normal education system to ensure reduction in school drop-out figure. Apart from it, we are concentrating on the creation of skill-based education system. This is a very challenging project in a way opposite to the common stream. We firmly believe that our programs will enable the students to be employed or start their new ventures and make them stable even out of their local places.

We have already gone ahead by commencing a project of creating a replica of any army school. We have accomplished 90 percent ground work (constructed a building and other activities) in Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh, but due to lack of funding this is not being started yet. Once we get fund from any governmental or non-governmental body we will immediately start the school hours. Here the students will learn disciplines and be given army sort of training. Once anyone moves out, he/she will get an opportunity to join army or employed in other governmental or non-governmental jobs.

As far as skill-based education is concerned, we are using panchayat bhavans as temporary schools. This has been divided in three slots. The first slot is targeted for the youth, the second for grown up or mid-aged people and the third slot for women. The topics of discussions address diverse issues such as financial improvement, optimum use of banking services, health, nutrition, sanitation, renewable energy resources, water resource (conservation of rain water), sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, modern technologies and gadgets, cottage industries, housing, forestry and fisheries etc.