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Our initial target is dedicately working for the extermination of diseases such as smallpox, leprosy, cholera, tuberculosis, hepatitis, anemia etc. at the village levels. Our awareness campaigns will give complete lessons on the varied techniques of protecting children from fatal ailments like malaria, leprosy, tuberculosis, cancer, beri beri etc. They are gradually being pushed to learn that malnutrition and lack of proper hygiene cause 90 percent of diseases. On the other hand, we have commenced providing emergency facilities like ambulance for road accidents, service to pregnant mothers for reaching them to nearby hospital etc.

We are incessently trying to provide the basic necessities that are possible from our side. For example, our team is giving all its endeavor to arrange mobile vans that can run at various places for some days to generating basic medical or sanitation ideas among the villagers. The lessons will include various topics as discussed above related to maximum possible or viral diseases. Alternatively, sanitation and family planning (to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs) are other important subjects to be looked into for the betterment of society. Women are not aware how to sanitize themselves and their kids. We are trying to raise small seminars on these subjects at various places where women will be the main target audience.