Kerala Flood


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* Please avoid making a donation of less than Rs.100/- as the processing costs make it unviable for us.
* All donations made under 'Any Amount' will be directed towards our Corpus Fund and will be utilised based on the need.

Donations provided for Kerala flood relief will be used to provide food and shelter to victims & are tax exempted as per section 80G of income tax act.



We all have great memories with Kerala, now since Kerala is struggling with Flood situation we also feel the pain. There have been numerous stories I have got from the ground how Heros have evolved from neighbours and helped community. Goverment is doing its bit and as a society we need to help build Kerala again. The God's own country is seeking help to re-establish its status & we are glad that our volunteers and communities have shown great efforts in providing food, shelter, cloths, medicine & other necessary items. The flood will start receeding soon but it will take time to regain the daily life. One of the most disciplined citizens of country needs your help and we are just a bridge.

You can contribut to us or directly to Cheif Minister relief Fund. We are sending our second team of volunteers on 22nd Aug 2018 from Chennai and Bangalore. You can help us with money or by volunteering with team.The quantum of voluntary service by individuals/volunteers only does not not suffice in helping fighting against the immediate requirement and re-establish the families.

Any contribution monetarily will have a direct, immediate and long term impact to build and preserve the sustenance of these flood victims.

We humbly and sincerely request YOUR HELP in whatever manner to help us re-make lives or families/people.

Reach out to us for any HELP you are willing to provide . You could contribute via Donating here, or make a cheque favouring OPSIS FOUNDATION or use Paytm or online modes.

Thank you for your support and believing in us!!

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