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About OPSIS Genius

The schooling landscape in India is changing, due to its vast geography & culture this has evolved in a complexed manner. The complexity of the system stems from India’s need to maintain standard and uniformity, while giving scope for its diverse culture and heritage to grow and flourish across the length and breadth of the country. So to set a unique platform where all students from across the country can participate The Opsis School of Social Excellence announces Opsis Genius which will be an annual scholarship test

Every student is unique in his/her own strengths and challenges. Opsis GeniusTest is a multiple choice examination which provides a great platform to compete at national level. The student needs willing to participate needs enroll by filling application form and pay a fee of INR 500 appear for the exam. Out of the total no. of applicants, the top students will be awarded with Opsis Genius scholarship based on performance in the Scholarship test. The test will be done Zone wise starting with North India, followed by west India, South and eastern part of Country. The students will get a choice to select their suitable time slot and date of exam while registering.


**Please read the terms and conditions below before applying

OPSIS Genius

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Key Benefits

OPSIS Genius 2018 is an academic competition test for students of Class 9th 10th 11th 12th and 12th pass-outs(2018). It provides a great platform for all the students to compete at national level and get recognized. You can get cash awards and a national level recognition and the money can be utilized for further studies or for the preparation of competitive exams.

What you Get if you enroll for the Test

  • Great Cash Prizes and Certificates
  • Free Counseling
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Nation level recognition
  • Notifications on Entrance exams and other scholar development activities

Great Prizes With Certificate

Free Counseling


Certificate of Appreciation